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Portal do Médico and DOMO Salute works in synergy with regulatory bodies - ANVISA, INMETRO, ANATEL, MTE, IBAMA – offering a regulatory intelligence consultancy to the access of medical devices and cosmetics into Brazilian market.
With a deep know-how to deal with Brazilian regulatory bodies, our wide and complementary expertise covers all mandatory rules related to product registration. DOMO Salute main goal is to bring a complete solution to you.

# Product Registration

To be able to go-to-market and commercialize medical devices in Brazil it is mandatory to have the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) approval.

The complexity of ANVISA requirements for product registration depends on the product risk class.

A foreign manufacturer seeking to register its products in Brazil must have a representative company in the country.

Brazilian hosting company such as DOMO Salute is able and high-specialized company to obtain and maintain the custody of the product registries, assuring the flexibility to choose and keep distributors over the country.

# Brazilian Good Manufacturing Practices Certification (BGMP)
# Certification/Registration
# Company Legalization

The health market trades on average 100 billion dollars in medical equipments and hospital products per year in Brazil. There are more than 6,000 Hospitals, 100,000 medical clinics and 300,000 active health systems in the country.

Only by Portal do Medico - marketplace platform has already been negotiated more than 1 Billion Reais (R$), over 8 million accesses and over 35,000 active clients.

Through the marketplace all products are available in more than 5,000 cities and 27 states. Providing detailed infographics based on searchs, sales and demand for your company's products and similar products. ”Complete Sales Radar” about Brazil market for your strategic needs.

The highest concentration of brazilian potential customers at health sector!

# Top-of-mind reference in the health sector at Brazil
# Management of the entire sales process (end-to-end)
# Covering 100% of the Brazilian territory

# Import & Distribution in Brazil

Portal do Medico is the largest online sales channel and market leader in Brazil for medical equipments and hospital products.

Largest concentration of advertisers, representatives, distributors and main manufacturers (national and global) in a unique platform.

Support to find the best channel and reseller that fits the profile of products, bundle of offerings and your company's policy to represent you in Brazil.

# Online Management of Your Entire Sales Process in Brazil
# End-To-End – from certification to go-to-market

Covering the Regulatory Certifications, Health Market Analytics in Brazil, find assertively importers or distributors even managing your process of sales (searches, negotiations, region, similar products, prices and competitors) of all the potential representatives.

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